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The Heavily Garlanded Lord Venkateshvara

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The Heavily Garlanded Lord Venkateshvara
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Lord Venkateshvara is one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable Vaishnavite deity. He is a distinctive portrayal of Lord Krishna Himself, as situated in the Tirumala Hill temple in South India. The iconography that you see on this page is a replica of the original murti housed therein. He is the tall, slender Krishna-roopa (form of Lord Krishna), His person overlain with a world of garlands. These offerings are proof of the overwhelming devotion He inspires in the hearts of ihaloka.

Fashioned from bronze, the composition is of a pale gold colour with silver overtones. An ornate crown towers over His head, and the Vaishnavite tilaka predominates the brow. The finely sculpted face of the Lord is flanked by discoid karnakundalas, a symbol of penetrating wisdom and absolute knowledge. Note the finely carved rim behind His head that constitutes His halo.

Lord Venkateshvara stands on a pedestal, the design and composition of which is in keeping with traditional bronze statues of the South. It is a broad-based number with latticeworked lotus petals and curving vine-like legs. Two pillars arise from the lateral edges of the pedestal, over which is a statement Kirtimukham aureole. Zoom in on the quintessential motif of Southern iconography to observe how it elevates the whole composition.

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Item Code: ZEN241
Bronze Statue from Bangalore
35.70 inch Height x 20.50 inch Width x 12.50 inch Depth
54.0 Kg.
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