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An Episode of Desire and Its Fulfillment

An Episode of Desire and Its Fulfillment
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The ever youthful and charming Lord Krishna was loved by all and was the desired husband of all the unmarried gopis of Vrindavan. They used to worship Goddess Durga for Lord Krishna to be their husband, and to fulfil this innate desire of the gopis Lord Krishna once played a trick on them. Every morning all the gopis used to go to the Yamuna bank to bathe and cleanse themselves and kept their clothes on a side. Lord Krishna on finding the right moment stole all the gopi’s clothes and jumped on a tree. As the gopis were already attracted by the Lord’s charm, so they weren’t angry on him and peacefully urged Krishna to return their clothes, but with a smiling face Krishna asked them to come out of water in their real beauty and take their clothes, which gopis had to do. Thus, by seeing the gopis naked, Lord Krishna fulfilled their desire of him being their husband.

Rabi Behera has beautifully painted this episode of Lord Krishna’s leela using water colors on the gauze like fine cotton canvas. The colorful interplay of this pattachitra art makes it an appealing painting that can be hung on any bright colored wall. All the figurines are beautifully jewelled with Lord Krishna adorned in a yellow-orange designer dhoti that contrasts gracefully with his blue plumage. The entire painting is flourished with green trees and bushes having tiny multicolored flowers blooming on them.

Pattachitra is marked by the depiction of mythological themes and a beauty of flora and fauna, which Rabi Behera has justifiably done. The beauty of every individual’s expression is symbolic of their innate joyous, loving, shy and naughty natures at that point of time. The appealing floral border painted in similar color shades of the main field gives a rich and complete look to this Patta art.

Item Code: PZ43
Water Color Painting on Patti Folk Art From The Temple Town Puri (Orissa)
Artist: Rabi Behera
12 inches x 19 inches
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