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Happiness in the Age of Ambition (The Story of a Corporate Spiritualist Hari Prasad Kanoria)

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Happiness in the Age of Ambition (The Story of a Corporate Spiritualist Hari Prasad Kanoria)
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Item Code: NBZ199
Author: Megha Bajaj
Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9789353338503
Pages: 296 (104 Color Illustrations)
Other Details: 9.00 X 5.80 inch
weight of the book: 0.4 kg.
About the Book

This is the story of a corporate spiritualist, if ever there was one.

It started with a young author Megha Bajaj's quest to find answers to the questions that surrounded her existence—is it possible to be childlike and yet have the wisdom of an old soul? Is it possible to lead a life that is materialistically abundant and yet spiritually grounded?

Her search led her to Hari Prasad Kanoria, a `corporate spiritualist' whose life had been an example of how to be passionately involved in day-to-day activities and still have a part of the 'self' immersed in the higher consciousness. This was a man who balanced his life on two pillars-faith in God and belief in himself. As Megha explored Hari Prasad's life, she started finding answers to the everyday dilemmas she had been facing. In Happiness in the Age of Ambition, she takes on the role of a kathavachak (the narrator) to share the extraordinary tale of Hari Prasad, who founded several leading enterprises.

This book is not just the story of a business legend but an answer to the trials and tribulations of people across the world, as they struggle to find a fine balance to manage the contradictions of life that affect their peace of mind. It is a book for the young and the old alike; for those seeking meaning in life, and those chasing materialistic and spiritual pleasures.

About the Author

MEGHA BAJAJ is the award-winning author of several acclaimed and bestselling books including The Breakthrough, I Inspire and Thank You, Cancer. She has written over a thousand articles for internationally acclaimed magazines and newspapers, and the depth of her thinking and ability to evoke feelings has been appreciated by many across the globe. Her beloved guru Mahatria describes her writing by saying, `Megha's words bypass the mind, and go straight to the heart creating transformation...' When you read Megha Bajaj's writing, you feel transported to the world she has created for you. Simple, yet profound, representing both strength and vulnerability—here is an author who is not afraid of being true to herself, or her readers! Megha also runs online writing workshops for aspiring authors and is currently writing film scripts for prominent production houses. She hosts a popular talk show #WoWtalks and has been invited to premier institutes to share her insights and story. She was the youngest speaker at The World Confluence of Spirituality and Humanity for two consecutive years.


"The answers that you seek are seeking you...'

I woke up, startled. Was someone speaking to me, or was it just my imagination? I was tempted to pinch myself to make sure that I was not dreaming. And yet a part of me did not want to wake up, for I had been waiting so long to hear these words.

Once again, a voice within me whispered, "The answers that you seek are seeking you...'

I have always believed that life has an answer to every question. However, one can never tell when the answers will reveal themselves. I believe one needs to go through certain experiences to understand the answers that life unfolds. Only then does that mystical connection of dots happen. Else, one may just lose these priceless pearls of wisdom—a zillion nuggets of wisdom, like the sparkling stars in inky skies. And the question—which one is yours, which one will change your life forever—remains a mystery eternally.

For the longest time I had wondered, how can one lead a fulfilling life? Do the answers lie in spirituality or in materialism?

A seeker at heart, I was drawn to meditation from a very young age. Love, surrender and faith were words/ideas that I wanted to experience as the truth of my own life. I read my first spiritual text at the tender age of 16, sitting atop a rusty water tank on my terrace, facing the sea, on Napean Sea Road. An idealist at heart and innocent in my way of thinking, I trudged along, hoping that I would find in spirituality all that I had been looking for.

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