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The Breakthrough (11 Trailblazers. One Movement.)

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The Breakthrough (11 Trailblazers. One Movement.)
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The Breakthrough (11 Trailblazers. One Movement.)

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Item Code: NAZ617
Author: Megha Bajaj
Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9789390260270
Pages: 488 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.63 kg
About the Book

We all want happiness and success and keep chasing both throughout our lives. However, only 4-5 per cent of people in the entire world end up becoming successful and from among them less than 1 per cent become successful and happy. What is the secret power that propels these people to the top of the pyramid? What makes them who they are?

Author Megha Bajaj set out on a journey and visited different parts of the country and discovered 11 such individuals who were truly happy and successful. She realized that in a country of 1.3 billion people these individuals had one thing in common-they had the rare ability to turn an ordinary event into a significant one and then turn that into a 'breakthrough'.

They seize the moment when there is nothing perceptible to seize; they look at the present and create a future; they realize that the Supreme Power is always there, only if one believes unfailingly, surrenders completely and works tirelessly. Meet Nitin, Asha, Arun, Chitra, Sandeep, Kanni, Uvaraj, Guru, Kavish, Mukesh, Praburam and Sushiit.

Even during the worst possible time the world has ever seen, the book will put you on the path to many wonderful things and a life full of contentment.

About the Author

Megha Bajaj is the award-winning author of several acclaimed books including Thank You, Cancer and I Inspire. She has written over a thousand articles for internationally acclaimed magazines and newspapers and the depth of her thinking and ability to evoke feelings has been appreciated by many across the globe. Her beloved guru Mahatria describes her writing by saying, 'Megha's words bypass the mind, and go straight to the heart creating transformation...' When you read Megha Bajaj's writing, you feel transported to the world she has created for you. Simple, yet profound, representing both strength and vulnerability-here is an author who is not afraid of being true to herself, or her readers! Megha also runs online writing workshops for aspiring authors and is currently writing film scripts for prominent production houses. She is a well loved speaker on her talk show #WoWtalks as well as has been invited to premier institutes to share her insights and inspiring story. She was the youngest speaker at The World Confluence of Spirituality and Humanity for two consecutive years. You can read more about her on


You are moments away from a breakthrough!

Why does anyone read a book? I read it in the hope that it will change my thought process, and, therefore, my life in a beautiful way. If it entertains along the way, cherry on the cake!

Why does one write a book? I write to share with the world the knowledge that lies at the core of my being. To also share the wisdom I receive from the world, with the world.

I have had a breakthrough. And I want you to have one too.

This could be the beginning of something you have waited for all your life.

Yes. This could be the beginning of something you have waited for all your life.

Although you are reading this book now, the seed for it was sown eleven years ago when my beloved guru Mahatria revealed to me that my words should work towards changing the world. He made me recognize that when words come from a very deep, sacred space, they can completely bypass the mind of readers and go straight to their heart and create the breakthroughs needed.


The rise or fall of every human being has its effect on collective human consciousness. Each one of us have the moral responsibility to expect more from ourselves and thus play our part in evolving the collective human consciousness. Every individual, whether they realise it or not, are painting another stroke in the evolution of human consciousness.

Your life and my life will either serve as a warning or standout as an example for the next generation. Moral science is not learnt from books but we are inspired by those living around us. What we leave FOR our children (materialistic abundance) 5 not as important as what we leave IN our children (morals and ethics).

Megha Bajaj through The Breakthrough is sharing the lessons, ristakes, insights, values, discipline, processes, breakthroughs and the real-life experiences of people... and in knowing them, ironically, you will know yourself even more. In studying others, we are in effect studying ourselves. May this book mirror you to you. Let this book enable you to discover a new you within you.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote his autobiography in 1929 and the book depicts his life only up to 1921. For another twenty-seven years, after compiling his autobiography, Mahatma Gandhi went on to live such a life that a library of books can be written about every year of his life. I wish to believe, that the people written about in The Breakthrough will see this as 'just a beginning:.. see this as the new starting point and continue to actualise and maximise their potential. Life isn't a noun; it is a verb. We don't arrive. We keep becoming... that's why, we are an evolving consciousness and not an evolved consciousness.

I wish to congratulate Megha Bajaj, who is truly gifted with the art of playing with words. Even her prose has a poetic touch. Her writing will appeal, both to your mind and heart. Wishing you most and more...

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