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Find beautiful South Indian Paintings from Tanjore & Mysore. We also have intricate Gold Leaf Paintings at ExoticIndia, the online Indian Paintings store.

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»  PT51 : Superfine Goddess Saraswati Also Named Sharada, Playing on Vina (Framed)
»  PT27 : Shri Padmanabha
»  PT59 : Goddess Kali (Framed)
»  PT62 : Ashta-bhuja-dhari Durga
»  PT69 : Duck Flower Vase (Framed)
»  PT65 : Makhan Chor Bala Krishna (Unframed)
»  PS82 : Shri Rama Durbar
»  PT55 : Lord Venkateshvara of Tirupati (Framed)
»  PT56 : Radha Krishna in Vrindavana (Framed)
»  PT54 : Shiva Family (Framed)
»  PS59 : Yudhishthara in His Durbar
»  PT42 : Radha and Krishna on Swing Kerala Folk Style
»  PT52 : Lord Ganapati, The God of Auspiciousness
»  PT47 : Shri Rama Ji with Sita Ji, Lakshman Ji and Hanuman Ji (Framed)
»  PT45 : Chakradhari Shri Krishna (Framed)
»  PT44 : The Inseparable Radha Krishna
»  PT41 : Lord Ganesha Dancing on Lotus (Framed)
»  PT14 : Bhagawan Krishna
»  PT40 : Goddess Saraswati
»  PT24 : Chottanikkara Devi (Framed)
»  PT39 : Lord Ganesha in the Style of Mattanchery Palace Murals
»  PT25 : Ardhanrishvara
»  PT26 : Goddess Saraswati
»  PT30 : Radha Krishna
»  PT23 : Goddess Lakshmi (Framed)
»  PT19 : Kamadeva and Rati
»  PT20 : Murali Krishna (Framed)
»  PT13 : Shri Krishna with Rukmini and Satyabhama (Framed)
»  PS85 : Munisvaram
»  PS74 : Virabhadra - The Trusted Guard of Lord Shiva
»  PS69 : Lord Rama Durbar with His Sons Luv and Kush
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