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Pancabhuta Theory (A viable Concept for Application and Expertise)

Pancabhuta Theory (A viable Concept for Application and Expertise)


Item Code: IDG018

by Dr. Namburi Hanumantha Rao

Hardcover (Edition: 2003)

Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy
ISBN 8121801273

Language: English
Size: 8.7" X 5.4"
Pages: 145
weight of book 320 gms
Price: $23.50
Discounted: $17.62   Shipping Free
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From the Jacket:

The Author has explained well the concept of the origin of the Universe utilizing the two ancient theories giving modern interpretation. Especially the first one is the same as the one accepted by the modern Scientist.

The Author has Successfully postulated two hypotheses giving numerical value to the molecules of Panchabhutas by advancing the theory of 10 particles to be counted of combining two prominent bhutas to show numerical excess of the constituent bhutas in the formation of a particular rasa. This theory goes a long way to explain many perplexing problems. For example: Why Lavana Rasa is "Ushna" when Ap and Agni constitute Lavana Rasa? It is not enough to say that it is due to Bhutasannivesa Prabhava. Similarly the author has successfully determined the numerical strength of Trigunas in Panchabhutas & Tridoshas also. This facilitates to study Panchabhutas objectively.

The Author's explanation of the Moolaprakrithi, Trigunas, Panchabhutas, Tridoshas and shadrasas with modern concepts is outstanding; though departing a little orthodox stereotype thoughts.

His observation on the role of bio-chemicals is the continuation of role of Tridoshas. His Scientific explanations establish Neurohumoral Theory a wonderful exposure to the present Students, Teachers & Researchers whose background modern scientific knowledge enables them to reconcile the ancient theory of Tridoshas & present modern theory of bio-chemicals.

It is the Author who is the first to claim that Susrutacharya is the father of Chemistry though he is known as the father of Modern Surgery. Any body will be convinced if he goes through the Samyoga dharmas given by Susrutacharya viz; Vishamam Vidagdha (law of combustion), Anyonyanu Pravesa (reciprocal reaction), Sarveshu Sarvesham Sannidhya Masti. (The exchange of electrons from the external peripheries of the combining two different atoms of different substances.)


Chapter 1. Origin of Universe 5-14
Chapter 2. Origin of Man (Concept and Quality of Life). 15-20
Chapter 3. Pancatanmatra Theory 21-29
Chapter 4. MIND 30-44
  1. Concept of Mind.
2. Duality of Mind.
3. How Mind influences Physical body?
4. The Link between Physical and Mental bodies at Dosas Level.
5. influence of Food on Mind and Body.
Chapter 5. Neurohumoral Theory 45-56
Chapter 6. Panceekarana 57-61
Chapter 7. Prakrti of Man 62-63
Chapter 8. Brief Profile of Trigunas, Pancamahabhutas, Tridhatus and Sadrasas 64-73
Chapter 9. Evolution of the Universe Plant & Animal kingdoms. 74-82
  1st Sootra: Evolution of Universe 74
  Play of various factors in passing Characteristics from Generation to Generation. 76
  2nd Sootra of Evolution of the Human body in the intra-uterine life. 79
  The controversy about the two concepts of the origin of Pancamahabhutas. 81
Chapter 10. The two major processes in the evolution of pancamahabhutas. 83-89
  1st Sootra of Pancabhuta Siddhanta. 86
  2nd Sootra of Pancabhuta Siddhanta. 88
Chapter 11. Susrutas Samyoga Dharmas. 90-98
Chapter 12. Application of pancamahabhuta theory 99-118
  Parinama Krama of Sadrasas 99
  Pancabhoutic constitution of Sadrasas. 102
  A Critical Study of pancabhoutic Constitution of Sadrasas. 105
  The Role of Pancamahabhutas in the process of germination. 107
  The Role of Pancamahabhutas as adhisthana bhutas. 108
  The three fold role of Jalabhuta in Dravyotpatti (Sadrasas). 112
  Examination of Phenomena No. 1, 2, and 3. 113
  Assay of Pancamahabhutas in a given Dravya. 117
Chapter 13. Pancabhuta Concept of Tridhatus/Tridosas 119-130
  The role of Cell Wall 128

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